Letter to Leonard Moore (22 October 1948)

Isle of Jura

22 October 1948

Dear Moore,1

Many thanks for your letter. I am very glad to hear about the interlinear Swedish translation of A.F.2

I have almost finished the novel and shall have it ready for typing early in November, so it should be all finished by the time I promised, ie. beginning of December. It is extremely long, I should say 100,000 or even 125,000 words. I have not definitely decided on the title. I am inclined to call it either NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR or THE LAST MAN IN EUROPE, but I might just possibly think of something else in the next week or two.

Yours sincerely
[Signed] Eric Blair
Eric Blair

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  1. Leonard Moore was George Orwell’s literary agent.
  2. This edition of Animal Farm has not been identified.

Source: CW19-3476

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