Pictures of George Orwell (Part 1)

Eric Blair (George Orwell) on holiday at Church Stretton, Shropshire in September 1917

Eric Blair (holding rifle) in 1917

Eric Blair (holding rifle) with friends Guinevere and Prosper Buddicom.

Jacintha Buddicom in 1918

Jacintha Buddicom (1918)

Jacintha Buddicom was the subject of some of Eric Blair’s early love poems.

Eric Blair in the summer of 1919

Eric Blair (1919)

Looking for trouble.

Before an Eton Wall Game in 1921

Eric Blair before Eton Wall Game (1921)

Eric Blair is top left.

Burma Provincial Police Training School in Mandalay (1923)

Eric Blair at Burma Police Training School (1923)

Eric Blair is standing third from left.

Down and Out in Paris and London

Eric Blair in the late 1920s

Eric Blair in the late 1920s.

Eileen Blair visits Eric and the I.L.P contingent at the front near Huesca (Spain) in March 1937

Eileen Blair visits Eric near Huesca (Spain) in 1937

Eileen O’Shaughnessy was Orwell’s first wife. Eric Blair is the tall (faded) man and Eileen is below him.

George Orwell in Marrakesh (1939)

George Orwell in Marrakech (Morocco) in 1939

Orwell writing Coming Up for Air.

George Orwell in Islington (1945)

George Orwell holding his adopted son Richard (1945)

Orwell holding his adopted son Richard.

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