Easter letter with drawing by George Orwell to his mother from boarding school (February 1912)

Uncorrected letter sent by George Orwell (Eric Blair) to his mother Ida from St. Cyprian’s preparatory school in Eastbourne, Sussex.

25 February 1912

My darling Mother,

Childhood drawing by George Orwell (February 1912)

Easter drawing by George Orwell (Feb. 1912)

Thank you for that letter you sent me, but I couldent read it somewon tore it up before I red it, so if you had anything you specialy wanted me to know you had better put it in your next letter and I hope that wont get torn up on Wensday we had a loveley lecture all about the moon, it was aufly interesting and mr: Sillar1 showed us what an exclipse of the moon was, with a football with shuger2 on the top.

If I have got some fairly comen stampes at home you might send them to me because there a boy here called Morens III who isent English and hes got absolutely go3 no English stamps and he wants some badly.

And by the way I forgot to tell you that we also had a ripping lecture how different things were made we saw how steel was manafactured and penknives and things like that, and also how soap is made and different things you see when they were made, and so much that I haven’t time to tell you.

I am fifth in French and English and first in Latin and Second in Aritmatic.

With lots of love from
E. A. Blair

 ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


  1. Robert L. Sillar (‘Mr Brown’ in Such, Such Were the Joys) taught geography and drawing, illustrating what he said with magic-lantern slides. He took the boys on nature walks on the Downs and he gave dramatic readings from Dickens at Christmas and on his birthday. He also had great skill in teaching rifle shooting. He was an enthusiastic and much-loved teacher.
  2. Orwell originally spelled the word sugar and then added h over the word.
  3. It looks as if Orwell started to repeat got but forgot to cross it out.

Source: CW10-11A

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