Eileen Blair to Leonard Moore (11 February 1937)

11 February 1937
24 Croom’s Hill,
Greenwich, S.E. 10.

Dear Mr. Moore,1

Laurence O'Shaughnessy's home on Croom's Hill in London

Home of George Orwell’s brother-in-law Laurence O’Shaughnessy

Thank you very much for your letter. I do, of course, agree with you that Mr. Gollancz should make the separate edition of Part I of Wigan Pier and I very much hope he will do so.

The news that the book is definitely chosen for the Left Book Club is splendid, and I am glad to have it now because there is a possibility that I may go to Spain next week—in any case I am hoping to go the week after next, and I am now in town making the necessary arrangements. I will call at your office before I go, in case there is something I should have done and have not done, but there are several matters I can deal with now.

I have arranged with my husband’s bank that they will credit him with cheques made out to him and sent direct to them. Would you therefore send any cheques you may have for him to The Manager, Barclay’s Bank, Baldock, Herts.? I thought it wise to do this, although I fear it may be more trouble to you, because the mails to Spain are so unreliable. The bank has arranged for me a credit in Barcelona so that I can draw money there as we may need it.

My address in Barcelona will be Hotel Continental, Boulevard de las Ramblas, Barcelona, and from there I ought to be in fairly good touch with my husband.

The only other question to be dealt with, so far as I know, concerns complimentary copies of the book. My husband suggests that I should ask you to send them for him, and I therefore attach a list of the people he wishes to have copies. I do not know whether we shall be given any of the Left Book Club edition, but if so they could be sent to my brother, Laurence O’Shaughnessy, at this address, with his own complimentary copy. I intended of course to do all this myself before going away, but my husband thinks he may get some leave at the end of this month and wants me to be in Barcelona as soon as possible.2

With many thanks,
Yours sincerely,
Eileen Blair.


Please send one copy (10/6 edition) to each of the following:

Sir Richard Rees, 9 Chesham Place, W. (Please forward)
Henry Miller, esq., 18, Villa Seurat, Paris XIV.
Mrs. Sinclair Fierz, 1B, Oakwood Road, Golders Green, N.W.
Mrs. Dennis Collings, c/o Mrs. P. Jaques, Four Ways, Reydon, Near Southwold. (Please forward)
Geoffrey Gorer, esq., The Elms, Fitzroy Park, N.W.6.
Mrs. Adam,3 The Stores, Wallington, Near Baldock, Herts.
Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Blair, Montagu House, Southwold, Suffolk.
Laurence O’Shaughnessy, esq., F.R.C.S., 24 Croom’s Hill, Greenwich, S.E.10.

And two copies (10/6 edition) to Mrs. Eric Blair, Hotel Contintal, Boulevard de las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain.
Free copies of the Left Book Club edition, if any, to be sent to Mr. Laurence O’Shaughnessy.4

 ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


  1. Leonard Moore was George Orwell’s literary agent.
  2. As annotated in Moore’s office, the third paragraph has been marked with two parallel lines and the second sentence is underlined; the third paragraph has a bold cross marked beside it and ‘Note’, the address being underlined; the last paragraph has two parallel lines by it and ‘No?’ written beside the suggestion that Left Book Club copies might be supplied; this has been crossed out and ‘2 copies’ added.
  3. Nellie Limouzin, Orwell’s aunt.
  4. All the instructions have been ticked except that for the Left Book Club copies. From the annotations, it would appear that the six copies for the first five addresses were sent on 7 March 1937 and that two Left Book Club copies were sent to O’Shaughnessy five days later. O’Shaughnessy’s consulting-room telephone number, Langham 3475, and his  home number, Greenwich 0890, are written beside his name and address. Croom’s Hill is spelt with and without an apostrophe by Eileen and Orwell (as it is in different London atlases); the writer’s form is followed here.

Source: CW11-361

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