Video surveillance going green?

Netvision's solar-powered surveillance system

Netvision’s “eco-friendly” surveillance system

In one of the most Orwellian press releases ever written, Netvision Mobile is promoting its new video surveillance system in the “green product news” category.  The South Carolina based company is touting the “eco-friendly” advantages of its “hybrid solar-battery trailer” which uses “renewable energy” to extend the surveillance run-time.

According to Netvision, the system can:

… suspend up to four weatherproof Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) security cameras 30 feet above the ground providing a full 360 degree visual range. Cameras can be customized to your needs and have a variety of different options such as thermal imaging. The cameras can then be viewed live anywhere you have internet access. Another advantage of the surveillance trailers is the effortless mobility they provide. The entire system can be rapidly deployed, taken to another location, and set up in five minutes.

Now I’m trying to think about how this press release could have been made even more Orwellian.  How about this? Add the line: “A cleaner environment means healthier food and so this surveillance system helps us all.”

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Source: ThomasNet Industry News

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