Friendship and love

Summer 1921. Orwell’s last poem to Jacintha Buddicom:

Friendship and love are closely intertwined,
My heart belongs to your befriending mind:
But chilling sunlit fields, cloud-shadows fall—
My love can’t reach your heedless heart at all.

Jacintha Buddicom responded with:

By light
Too bright
Are dazzled eyes betrayed:
It’s best
To rest
Content in tranquil shade

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Note: Reproduced from Eric and Us (1974) where Jacintha Buddicom commented: “Typical of both of us, Eric with his straightforward, ten-syllable couplets, and me chopping up the same metre into shorter lines with extra rhymes to them, which I thought more fun to do and more singable”.

Eric and Us (1974) by Jacintha Buddicom

Eric and Us: A Remembrance of George Orwell (1974)

Source: CW10-62

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