Kitchener (1916)

The Henley and South Oxfordshire Standard, 21 July 1916
Lord Kitchener recruitment poster (1914)

British Army recruitment poster with Lord Kitchener

No stone is set to mark his nation’s loss,
No stately tomb enshrines his noble breast,
Not e’en the tribute of a wooden cross
Can mark this hero’s rest.

He needs them not, his name untarnished stands
Remindful of the mighty deeds he worked,
Footprints of one, upon time’s changeful sands,
Who ne’er his duty shirked.

Who follows in his steps no danger shuns,
Nor stoops to conquer by a shameful deed,
As honest and unselfish race he runs,
From fear and malice freed.

E. A. Blair

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Source: CW10-24

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